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BOI Noise Compatibility Program

Noise Compatibility Program

2015 Noise Study Results

The Boise Airport completed a voluntary noise study in accordance with the FAA in 2015. The noise study was accepted and approved by the FAA in August 2016. The study looks at current noise contours and forecasts future noise contours. The study also provides a list of possible noise mitigation efforts. The following were approved noise abatement measures and land use measures in the 2015 study:

  • Preferential runway use
  • Voluntary residential property acquisition within and adjacent to DNL 65+ contour
  • Undeveloped property acquisition within DNL 65+ dB contour
  • Purchase of avigation easements
  • Implement a sound insulation program
  • Initiate a noise monitoring system

2015 14 CFR Part 150 Noise Study Update - Final 

2004, 2006 Part 150 Noise Study


Avigation Easement Forms

See Properties With Avigation Easements

2015 FAA approved land use measures

Noise Reduction: Construction Information for Builders